What is Cha365cloud?

Custom house agent / Customs broker will be handling the most crucial part of Logistics Industry. Customs clearing can be very tricky and complex. But India’s highest selling software for Customs House Agents/Customs Brokers, Cha365cloud has proven itself to be an indispensable collaborator in making Customs clearance simple and easy. Importer/ Exporter or Customs Broker are evolved from Customs filing to discovering a connection with multiple trade partners like Airline, Shipping Line, Airports, Container Depots, Government Authorities, and Transporters, amongst others.

Cha365cloud automates filing of Bill of Entry and Shipping Bills – the single most difficult task of a Customs House Agent/ Customs Brokers – manually as well as online.

All the intelligence of Customs regulations is built into Cha365cloud product and is updated regularly to incorporate any changes in government policies. This gives you complete assurance of regulatory compliance so that you can focus on managing and growing your business. Cha365cloud will allow you to continually maintain track of your consignments within Customs based on user-defined milestones and can also automatically inform your customers about the status of their jobs. Also, quick and easy access to detailed job-related information facilitates management control. Cha365cloud is the leading Customs clearing software in India. Cha365cloud is now taking the lead in simplifying the operations of Customs Brokers across India.


Meeting complex regional compliance requirements is one of the greatest challenges for global logistics businesses and supply chain providers. Cha365cloud provides the single-platform solution that integrates your operations for quick, simplified, efficient customs clearance, so you can concentrate on business, not borders.

Handling Multiple branches

Handling Multiple branches

Business owner will easily manage multiple branches at anytime anywhere. Also, the owner will check opening balance of each branch.

Custom Broking Operation

Custom Broking Operation

The module provides complete control over your Customs Broking Operations. It is tightly integrated with the other modules...

Emailed directly

Emailed directly

Documents and reports will be emailed directly from the document at one click or

Report management

Report management

Authorized person will be allowed to generate customized reports. So, they will be aware of consignment cost, exact location...

Track & Trace

Track & Trace

User will integrate GPS system with our software so they will track them consignment and know exact location and details about consignment.

Always updated

Always updated

This Custom clearance software allow you to stay connected with fast growing technology and also you will be always updated with technology.


Custom clearance software solution is simplify day to day process of CHA. Like Documentation, Duty Calculation, Quotation creation, rate creation, custom clearance and many more...

Document Management

Equip your Documentation team with the most automated documentation system. All documentation related requirements are...

Custom Duty Calculation

Automatic Duty calculation at fingertips. Updates for the duty structures based on notification and circulars of Custom.

Inquiry Management

All the inquiries manage here. So, user will easily identify new / repeated inquiries. Also, easily send information regarding consignment...

Quotation Management

The system is designed to allow quotations to be prepared quickly and easily, with a minimum amount of data entry...

Rate Master

Rate Management has two major attributes which manage data for Air and Sea for Import as well as Export...

Task Management

User will easily create task of all the consignment and schedule it using this module. User will allow assigning task employee vise...


Benefits of cha365cloud – custom house agent management software are access from anywhere, manual BE & SB, online tracking, analysis & Reports, Statutory compliance with ease, and many more...

Access from Anywhere

Cha365cloud is a web-based solution that can be accessed from anywhere, be it home, office or any other remote location, and facilitates the filing of documents...

Manual BE & SB

Cha365cloud facilitates the filing of documents, both Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill, manually. Shipping Bill and Bill of Entry can be printed on the standard forms...

Online Tracking

Shippers and Importers can check the status of their consignment/shipments directly with the help of the User id and Password generated from Cha365cloud...

Analysis & Reports

Cha365cloud has a built-in reporting system for generating all kinds of operational and management reports. The reports can be exported to Excel...

Mobile Application

Mobile application allow custom house agents to do all operation on finger taps. Also mobile application help custom house agents to do their daily task from anywhere anytime.


User will view statistics in a dashboard. User will allow customized statistics as per need.

Auto Backup

Somehow any reason if data will be lost, then we provide auto backup functionality. Also, you can schedule auto backup.

Duty Calculation

Automatic Duty calculation at fingertips. Updates for the duty structures based on notification and circulars of Custom.

Rate Master

In rate master user will be saved rates based on shipment/consignment distance and also some rates will be predefined for some distance of parties. So, it will help to generate new rates.

Rights Management

Admin gave rights as per employee designation or requirement. An application is used on rights basis. To access modules or features of application employee must be have rights.

Transportation Management

Warehouse to destination transportation details will be maintained in this module.

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