Modules of Custom House Agent Software

Modules of Custom House Agent Software

Cha365cloud has a wide feature index and helped many businesses manage documents in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of the leading Custom Clearance software.

Document Management

Equip your Documentation team with the most automated documentation system. All documentation related requirements are catered in this module.

Documentation Sea - Export, Import.

Documentation Air - Import & Export.

Custom Duty Calculation

"Automatic Duty calculation at fingertips. Updates for the duty structures based on notification and circulars of Custom. Automatic Duty Calculation based on products, schemes, shipment type."

Inquiry Management

"All the inquiries manage here. So, user will easily identify new / repeated inquiries. Also, easily send information regarding consignment."

Quotation Management

The system is designed to allow quotations to be prepared quickly and easily, with a minimum amount of data entry. By the period of a quotation within the lifecycle of a shipment, until it is invoiced and entered into the sales history and accounting sub-systems, all variables for a shipment are only entered once. In this way, an absolute minimum of information is recorded for each transaction, errors reduced, and productivity maximized.

Rate Master

Rate Management has two major attributes which manage data for Air and Sea for Import as well as Export User will allow assigning task employee vise.

Customer / Manufacturer / Exporter Management

All customer, manufacturer, exporter and importer details are maintained in this module. Details like business location, branches location, monthly or weekly consignment, many more...

Transportation Management

Warehouse to Port, Airport or Railyard transportation details will be managed in this module. All transporter details who give this kind of services, them details with rates are stored in this module.

Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance module, an important part of Cha365cloud, helps Custom House Agents, Freight Forwarders, Exporters and Importers to manage their complete custom clearance operations throughout the globe at any location using our cloud services. Regain provides a cost-effective and a more efficient alternative to file your documents in the custom house without any paperwork.

Vessel Timing & Booking Management

A user will be allowed to check vessel available timing and also book vessel using this module.

Payment Management

This module is used to take payment from parties and also set a reminder for awaiting payment. If CHA wants to make payment then it will also allow doing payment with this module. Also, it helps admin to do employee salary by using cha365cloud payment module.

Billing Management

- Invoice

- Debit Note

- Transport Billing

- Shipping Bill

Reports Management

Reports can fetch the information from payment, rates and billing modules to get the business summary.

Cloud Base System

Cha365cloud uses the cloud-hosted delivery method vis-à-vis the traditional "on-premise installation". Technology allows hosted delivery or cloud computing and lets businesses gain a rented "anytime anywhere" access to their cha365cloud systems. Also, Auto backup functionality is there if you lost any data.

Task Management

User will easily create task of all the consignment and schedule it using this module.