Mobile application for Custom Brokers

Mobile application for Custom Brokers

Although moving a lot of things from one place to other; with a mobile app, all operations can turn much easier.
Below are the features of a Mobile application


User will view statistics in a dashboard. User will allow customized statistics as per need.

Duty Calculation

Automatic Duty calculation at fingertips. Updates for the duty structures based on notification and circulars of Custom.

Quotation Management

The application is designed to allow quotations to be prepared quickly and easily, with a minimum amount of data entry.

Rate Master

In rate master user will be saved rates based on shipment/consignment distance and also some rates will be predefined for some distance of parties. So, it will help to generate new rates.

Client Management

- Customer

- Manufacturer

- Importer

- Exporter

Transportation Management

Warehouse to destination transportation details will be maintained in this module.

Payment Management

Awaiting payment, Received Payment and payment due date notification and data will be maintained here.

Rights Management

Admin gave rights as per employee designation or requirement. An application is used on rights basis. To access modules or features of application employee must be have rights.

Multiple Languages

Available in multiple regional languages gives more power to user, to use in their own native language. That makes it easier to use and can reach to more people.

Finger Print Accessibility

Cha365cloud Finger print lock is the most secure way in terms of accessibility as no other can access it.

Auto Backup

Somehow any reason if data will be lost, then we provide auto backup functionality. Also, you can schedule auto backup.

Cloud Data Storage

Cloud data storage allow users to access cha365cloud application as well as software from anywhere anytime.